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 India South 

Fifth Missionary Journey to India–Feb. 2011

Tuesday Feb. 15th I arrived in Rajahmundry rested and fellowshipped with Pastor Matthew Raju, his sons Prasanna and Chinna at my house in Kesavaram. That night we distributed clothes to the orphan and Sunday school children.

Wednesday Feb. 16th We went to Rajahmundry to purchase two motorcycles. After speaking with Fred Beall, President of Azusa Street Riders he suggested I go before the board of the ASR and they agreed to purchase two motorcycles from their Motorcycle for Missions program.  Our heartfelt Thanks to Fred, the Board & members of the ASR for their generous support. We purchased two Honda 110cc motorcycles. One was red and the other was gold. This is the first motorized transportation they have ever owned. They are now able to go into the tribal areas as well as leprous colonies to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Thursday Feb. 17 thru 19th I taught at the Bible School in Kesavaram.  On the third day, one of our new students received the Holy Ghost in the prayer meeting that spontaneously broke out.

Sunday Feb. 20th I ministered on the Melchisedec Communion and I prayed for all who needed prayer.

Monday the 21st   We ministered the word of God to the leprous people and supplied them with food, rice and money to take home with them while Chinna cleaned and re-bandaged their wounds. For approximately $150.00 per person, treatment can be started to help cure these people of leprosy. There but for the grace of God go you or I. We will be working closely with Dr. China Raju in getting more information & contacts from the World Leprosy foundation to help cure these hopeless people.  If you are interested in helping please contact us directly.

 We then ministered the word of God to the widow women and supplied them with rice and money for their living expenses. Widows in India are not allowed to remarry, so they have no one to care for them. Many of them break rock for the railroad which is not enough to buy enough rice to live on. The widows in India are thin and frail. If it were not for the finances we send to Pastor Matthew Raju every month these widows would go hungry most days.

Tuesday the 22nd we went to tribal meetings where we preached the Word and prayed for all the sick and tormented. Many tribal people complain of headaches. I believe it is from all the witchcraft in these areas. God is faithful to deliver them immediately.

Wednesday the 23rd we went on a very long trip to a tribal area where people have to be in their homes by 9:00 P.M. or they risk being taken by a tiger from the road and dragged into the jungle to be eaten. There are also natives who wear no clothes and sneak into houses and blow a powder into the noses of their victims and then cut them and drink their blood. My first response to this was disbelief, however these stories were confirmed to me by the man we stayed with who was sent there as a police officer to stop some of the things that were going on. When he arrived in the area a witch came to him in the night and tried to slit his throat after telling him he was not wanted there. He said he hit her in the face with his fist and then told her never to come back or he would kill her. He also told me that there were still child sacrifices going on in the area, but that they could not stop them because they only found the remnants of the children’s bones and that there were teeth marks on them. It is indeed hard to believe these things go on in 2011. Surly the gospel of Jesus Christ is needed in this area and many more tribal areas in India.
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