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  Africa - Nigeria 

We departed for London Nov. 10, 2005 at 7:40 P.M. and arrived in London 9 hours later. We traveled 5,160 miles at 690mph. We were picked up from the London airport by Pastor Gaby who was from the Congo and now lived in London. He took us to our flat and sent out for fish and chips.  We stayed with Justine Tambwe, Pastor Gaby's sister who showed us great hospitality. She was also as good a cook as she was a singer.  That night we went to Pastor Gaby's church for a service. We were up till 1:30 Phoenix time, but the music lead by Justine was fabulous and the worship, preaching, and dancing were such a blessing that I was inclined to join in even though I did not know how to dance the way the people of the Congo dance, and I was very tired.  The Congo used to be called Zarie. I enjoyed their dancing and did my best to enter in like I know King David would have done. (more)

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